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Printing Specifications

EYEZONE features a wide variety of printing selections to optimize your layout preferences. High quality images, professional finishing/binding, and consistency in style are what set the magazine apart from the rest.

Kindly review the details below to learn more about our printing guidelines.

No. of Pages 84 -110 Pages
Paper Specification 115 gsm Matte
Cover Specification 350 gsm Gloss Lamination
Binding Perfect Binding / Glue Bind
Bleed 0.30 cm / 3 mm each side
Size - Full Page Width 23 cm x Height 30 cm
Double Page Width 46 cm x Height 30 cm
Half Page (Vertical) Width 11.5 cm x Height 30 cm
Half Page (Horizontal) Width 23 cm x Height 15 cm
LanguageEnglish / Arabic
Quantity 8000


  Frequently Asked Questions

What are the accepted artwork formats?

Adobe Acrobat/Indesign/PhotoShop/Illustrator (all press quality & bleeds maintained). All fonts used in the file must be sent, if the fonts are not embedded (zip or rar files). We cannot adjust the artwork if fonts are missing or if it is converted to outline (Paths). All colors and pictures must be in CMYK color mode.

What are the accepted formats for picture / images?

Pictures should be in High Quality to get best results in print (resolution must be at least, but not exceeding 300 Pixels/ Inch and not less than 250 Pixels/Inch) and it must be in the CMYK mode. It can be saved in the following formats:-

• PDF (Settings - PRESS QUALITY )
• EPS (Single file)
• TIFF (layers or without layers)
• JPG (Maximum quality)
• PSD (with Layers)

No spot (special) colors for printing.
Note: Not all spot colors are achievable in CMYK color mode


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