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Add a Secret Weapon to your Fishing Tackle

A pair of sunglasses is an often overlooked item in an angler’s fishing gear consisting of rod, reel, line and lure. The right pair of shades can help enhance fishing results, improve all-day comfort and even deliver vital protection from the sun.

Better fishing results

The right pair of sunglasses can deliver better fishing results by providing enhanced depth perception, colour, clarity and detail.

One of the ways polarised sunglasses do this is by eliminating the glare reflecting off the water. By eliminating glare, an angler’s ability to see what’s happening above and below the water’s surface is enhanced leading to better decisions and more hook-ups as the angler is better equipped to accurately read the water and locate feeding fish. Keep in mind though that not all polarisation is created equal. Some sunglasses block only 20-30% of glare. Make sure you select a premium polarised sunglasses brand that eliminates 99.9% of harsh glare to ensure you fully swing the advantage in your favour. An added benefit of glare elimination is the reduction of eye fatigue which can lead to headaches.

Colour of the lenses must also be considered while selecting your perfect pair of fishing shades. Matching the colour of your sunglass lenses to light conditions will deliver an added advantage out on the water by increasing the visibility of movement and objects, not only on the surface, but also below the water line. Certain colour lenses perform better during certain times of the day, depending on the amount of light present.

It is also important to consider the front lens finish of your polarised sunglasses to safeguard sightlines and ensure optimal eye comfort.

Vital eye protection

A pair of quality polarised sunglasses is also a long-term investment in the protection of your eyes from exposure to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays during the long hours on the water. UV light is intensified when it is reflected off the surface of water. Exposing your eyes directly to UV rays can lead to photokeratitis, which is essentially sunburn of the cornea that causes burning, irritation and in extreme cases, temporary loss of vision. Additionally, prolonged exposure can also increase your chances of developing skin cancer around the eyes, cataracts, macular degeneration or glaucoma.

Maui Jim Sunglasses block 100% of harmful UV rays and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin. They are the only premium sunglasses brand to carrying the Skin Cancer Foundation’s seal of approval.

Improved comfort

A good pair of polarised fishing sunglasses must be comfortable and practical. Be sure to choose a style that is lightweight for all-day wearing and fits well, falling comfortably on your nose with a snug bridge. Choose a sleek shape that wraps your face to provide optimal top, bottom and side protection against glare and UV rays.

Choosing your pair

In additional to the performance enhancing tips discussed above, be sure to select a pair of sunglasses that feature durable, scratch and solvent resistant lenses that are also waterproof . Look out for an oleophobic lens treatment which will ensure that your sunglasses shed water and repel grease. Take note of the lens and frame material to ensure you chose a pair that is lightweight and durable so they won’t shatter if accidently dropped in the boat or along the river bank. Nowadays, some frames have even been designed to float if dropped in the water allowing you sufficient time to retrieve your indispensable polarised sunglasses.

If you wear prescription glasses, you’ll be happy to know that most polarised sunglasses are also available in single and progressive lens options. This means that you won’t miss out on experiencing the optical brilliance of the world around you whilst also benefiting from the added competitive edge to your fishing.
Introducing Maui Sunrise
When the sun rays filter through and reflect off the cloud bank atop Mount Haleakala, Hawaii, the light takes on a pink hue that is nothing short of breath-taking. Inspired by these wondrous pink shades seen during the brilliant mountaintop sunrise, we say Aloha to Maui Jim’s newest fashion lens colour, Maui Sunrise - A must-have style to soak up the sun and to add to your fashionable sunglass collection.

Created using a Maui Rose® colour enhancing lens with an on-trend pink mirror coating, this new look is available in Baby Beach and Mavericks, two of Maui Jim’s classic aviator styles designed to complement most face shapes. Maui Sunrise features an ultra-light weight lens material, MauiPure, which delivers optics almost as crisp as a glass lens with the added benefits of excellent scratch and impact-resistance properties. “Maui Sunrise is a great lens choice for everyday wear and the soothing base rose tone helps relax the eye muscle” says Martine Larroque, Managing Director Middle East and Africa of Maui Jim® Sunglasses “As with all Maui Jim sunglasses, our lens technology, PoloarizedPlus2, not only protects your eyes from harmful UV rays and harsh glare, it also highlights the true and vivid colours around you in crisp detail.”

Maui Jim sunglasses were born on the beaches of Maui and designed to protect eyes from the harsh rays of the island sun. Today, Maui Jim is recognized for unparalleled “Aloha Spirit” and customer service as well as patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology, which blocks 100% of harmful UV rays and eliminates harsh glare while enhancing colour, definition and depth perception.  Maui Jim sunglasses have earned the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin. For more information, visit mauijim.com, or follow on Facebook, on Twitter and Instagram at @OfficialMauiJim.

MOSCHINO presents its new Spring/Summer 2018 eyewear collection, produced and distributed by Safilo Group. Embodying the ironic glam, lighthearted approach and the decadent luxury of the Italian Brand and its Creative Director Jeremy Scott, the new styles are the true expression of the Fashion House.

The new collection reveals a quartet of timeless key elements, the quintessence of Moschino’s image since 1983: Metal Logo, Metal Bijoux Chains, Metal Studs and the Teddy Bear.

The color palette reveals a background of black and Havana with gold metal finishing together with fundamental white, red and blue, as well as a more playful and glossy range: pink and fuchsia, plume and teal. Strong hints of gold pervade the entire collection, in the form of 3D logos, studs, chains, metal bars etc.

The new collection will be available at Moschino boutiques, high-end opticians and quality department stores starting January 2018.

Safilo, renowned worldwide for its unique craftsmanship legacy dating back to 1878 and a fully integrated Italian eyewear creator, manufacturer and worldwide distributor, presents its new Fall/Winter 2017 optical frame collections.

Safilo now affirms its renewed leadership in the optical segment by enhancing its optical capabilities in the entire value chain: from collection design to manufacturing to sales force training and after-sales service.


Since its inception, Safilo’s worldwide research and development teams have always interpreted the trends emerging from different customer needs. Each frame is designed, developed and engineered in house to enhance the features and confidence of the wearer.

Optical collections designed by Safilo always take into consideration designs that perfectly fit with each face shape, and are in line with precise morphological parameters and aesthetical standards.


Safilo’s continuous commitment to technology, research, innovation and design, coupled with a unique passion for artisanship, are perfectly embodied in the collections of the Company’s core owned brands: Safilo, Carrera, Polaroid, Smith and Oxydo.


The new SAFILO collection of optical frames, available in selected optical stores starting from Autumn 2017, celebrates superior design, functional innovation and “Made-in-Italy” know-how. (styles: CALIBRO 01 and BURATTO 01).


Carrera is a statement brand since 1956 for people who live by their own rules. (style: CARRERA 137/V and CARRERA 145/V).


Polaroid Eyewear, the leading brand in the mass cool segment, presents new optical frames for FW 2017 with a fresh and contemporary design. (style: PLD 329).


With over 50 years of innovation and design experience, Smith is widely known today as an industry leader that pioneers advanced eyewear and helmets. The new Relay optical frames are dedicated to active individuals and presented with adjustable temples for increased retention during activities.


The new KIDS BY SAFILO optical frames, dedicated to children up to 8-year-old, is created with the collaboration of SIOP (Società Italiana di Oftalmologia Pediatrica) and meeting the guidelines of WSPOS (World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus), these optical frames meet the key needs of children in terms of safety, flexibility, maximum comfort and perfect fit. (styles: S281 and S283).



For the Fall/Winter 2017 season, vintage-looking optical frames reflect a familiar, classic and heritage feeling reinterpreted with a new design approach prompted by modern technologies. Styles: SAFILO – BURATTO 02; CARRERA 145/V; Fendi M 0004; Dior Homme BlackTie 245; Tommy Hilfiger TH 1518; Marc Jacobs 245; Kate Spade Charyssa.


The design inspiration for next season’s optical frames is clean and understated with functional details always at the core. Styles: SAFILO BUSSOLA 02 and CALIBRO 01; POLAROID PLD D328; SMITH RELAY; Pierre Cardin P.C. 6200; MAX&CO. 350; BOSS 0935.


Square and rectangular shapes stand out in oversized proportions – often exaggerated and statement-making. Styles: FENDI FF 0272 and FF 0271; DIOR DiorStellaireO1; Givenchy GV 0062; Max Mara MM 1318; Jimmy Choo JC 194.




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