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Bella Colored Contact Lenses Unveils "The Elite Collection"

Following the tremendous success of Bella’s Secret Collection of colorful daily lenses, Optical Supplies Co. has now launched “Elite Collection’ in the monthly lenses category.

Nadine Nassim Njeim, the new ambassador of Bella Brand is the face of Elite Collection and exudes her beauty into the array of elegant colors.

Known as the Bella Elite Color Contact Lens collection, it consists of 7 colors including Grey Beige, Lavender Grey, Midnight Blue, Sandy Brown, Sandy Grey, Silky Gold and Silky Green. 

General Manager of Optical Supplies Co., Mr. Ibrahim Wehbe appreciated the support of Nadine Njeim and expressed that the company continues to keep innovating and creating new collections to uphold Bella’s top position in the Middle East while also working towards global reach.

Bella Contact Lenses are characterized by high quality and comfort for the eye, in addition to the wide range of colors and is one of the most sought after product in colored contact lenses segment.
Rose-Tinted Shades: 2017’s Rosy-Hued Eyewear Trend

Looking at life through rose-tinted glasses? Then you are on trend with the latest fashion in eyewear: rose-tinted sunglasses. 

From the US and the Middle East, to Europe and Australia, fashionistas are embracing a new look with coloured shades and especially ones with a rosy hue, taking their cue from a host of celebrities – including Bella Hadid, Olivia Palermo and Rihanna - who have been spotted, quite literally, 'looking through rose-tinted glasses'. 

The combination of fashion and functionality means sunglass buyers have a lot to consider. The fashion part is easy: from classic aviators to sporty wraps, shoppers have a plethora of frame styles to choose from. But, when considering the functionality of your new shades, one aspect that many buyers usually don’t think about is whether their choice in lens colour is best suited to their lifestyle and outdoor activities? 

Luckily for us, the Hawaii-born sunglass brand, Maui Jim, makes following this rosy trend easy with its Maui Rose® lens which provides excellent contrast for full sun to overcast conditions, a perfect lens choice for everyday wear including fast moving sports. Additionally, it is also the most comfortable lens colour for prolonged wear, due to the soothing rose tone which helps relax the eye muscle. What’s more, all Maui Jim lenses, including the Maui Rose® lens, go beyond mere lens tinting to deliver unparalleled colour enhancement through a patented infusion of rare Earth elements designed to increase and balance colour saturation whilst filtering out colour interference. The result is a pair of on trend shades that truly reveal the beauty of the world around you.

If you’re still not completely sold on the new rose-tinted trend but would still like to trial a new lens colour, Maui Jim Sunglasses have three more lens colour offerings you may want to consider: Neutral grey which offers the highest available light reduction for bright, direct sunlight; HCL Bronze delivers a warm, subtle bronze tone for everyday variable conditions; Maui HT is the highest available light transmission lens which provides incredible depth perception especially in low-light settings. 

No matter what lens colour you go with, remember to always choose sunglasses that provide proper UV protection. As with all Maui Jim Sunglasses the patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology blocks 100% of harmful UV rays, eliminates 99.9% of harsh glare and 95% of HEV (blue light), whilst boosting colour to unmatched levels. Maui Jim Sunglasses also carry the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation as safe and effective protection from UV exposure.

So no matter the trend, when you pick your next pair of shades, remember that they shouldn’t just match your style. They should also match the day, wherever that day may take you.


GV 7081/S « FACETS » Rimless squared flat mask with distinctive faceted edges, and transparent colored Optyl multifaceted temples. The opaque facets on the top and the bottom of the lenses contrast with the shiny surface of the mask.

GV 7079/S « BRIDGES » Unisex round metal sunglasses introducing a vintage approach to the components, with screws and rim’s profile in color contrast. One color is enriched by graphic mirror lenses featuring iconic stars plus lettering pattern of the Maison.


GV 7071/S and GV 0062 « EYELIGHT » A style with an acetate front distinguished by a thicker ciliate in contrasting color that marks the upper part of the sunglasses as well as the optical model. The wedge-shaped metal temples form a triangle with the front when open and showcase a little star inside when closed.

GV 7078/S and GV 0064 « STAR » Triangle-shaped cat-eye woman sunglasses and optical style. The upper side of the models in colored acetate is underlined by the sharp lower part profile is made of finely cut metal. The sides are thin and showcase the inner wire core with the “Star” pattern in silver or gold.

GV 7074/S « EDGE » Acetate oversize squared sunglasses characterized by a very thick front featuring a peculiar bevel that gives depth to the glasses. A dedicated range of transparent nuances give lights and reflections to this model, while the full colors are strong and classy

GV 7070/S « SPARKLE » Acetate rounded oversize sunglasses embellished on the upper part of the front and temples by a series of 68 Swarovski® crystal baguettes applied by hand.

GIVENCHY presents its new Fall/Winter 2017 eyewear collection. Sunglasses and optical models are characterized by contrasts in volumes and geometries, where feminine styles match with clean lines. Special attention is given to the lenses: raw-edged multifaceted surfaces and mirror lenses with graphic pattern. The color palette plays with a range of classic tones: black, red, nude, white and havana. The new collection will be available at Givenchy boutiques, high-end opticians and quality department stores starting August 2017.




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