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Vol 9 Issue 49 May June 2013 .. Magrabi launches Tresor by Sama The Mercedes Benz driving experience Put your game frames on

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Vol 9 Issue 49 May June 2013 Vol 9 Issue 49 May June 2013 .. Magrabi launches Tresor by Sama The Mercedes Benz driving experience Put your game frames on Publisher General Manager Ali Hassan Banddor 20 Chief Editor Mohammed Khadada Managing Editor Yasmine Banddor 71 Marketing Director Fatima Lala .. TRIFOCAL 26 22 Sales Haifa Sanaknaki

CONTENTS 83 62 101 118 News EYE ZONE Sponsors 101 Magrabi launches Tresor by 75 24 85 Essilor introduces Varilux S Series A revolutionary product. Porsche design expands its eyewear collection Sama an exclusive collection of eyewear Three ancient family businesses join hands Cover image from Studies Research Interviews 45 Produced by Bandoor National Company What is Customerdriven marketing in the Optometric industry Worldwide prevalence of Myopia Put your game frames on

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News Matthieu Ruatti, Marketing Director, Essilor ESSILOR INTRODUCES VARILUX S SERIES, A REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT optical stores, who take further measurements during their dispensing process, that we incorporate into this specific lens manufacturing for this particular wearer enhanced frame fitting, dominant eye, reading distance and near vision zone, he elaborated. Mr. Ruatti pointed out that taking into account frame parameters has been existing for years, but personalization has now come to

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let your pAtients see every moment, every dAy. Accelerated Stabilisation Design ASD harnessing blink power, reducing gravitys influence1,2 Thin zone below eyelid Accelerated slope Optic zone Points of stabilisation Accelerated slope Thin zone below eyelid ASD helps keep lenses stable regardless of eye or head movements1,3 1DAY ACUVUE MOIST for ASTIGMATISM Uses a unique stabilization technology to provide clear, stable vision that allows your astigmatic patients to see every moment every day.1

the Widest poWer rAnge of Any dAily disposAble toric contAct lens.1 Power range Sphere Powers Axis 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 Cylinders Core Plano to 6.00D in 0.25D steps 0.75 1.25 1.75 2.25 High Minus 6.50D to 9.00D in 0.50D steps 0.75 1.25 1.75 2.25 Plus 0.25D to 4.00D in 0.25D steps 0.75 1.25 1.75 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 The 1DAY

lAsting comfort from morning to night. Builtin LACREON wetting agent technology provides longlasting comfort.4 Permanently embedded wetting agent PVP retains moisture for longlasting comfort.3 Reduced surface friction allowing the eyelid to glide more easily. LACREON Technology cleAr And stAble vision. Only ACUVUE Brand Contact Lenses for Astigmatism offer Accelerated Stabilisation Design ASD technology. ASD provides clear and stable vision, however active patients days may be. EYE MOVEMENT

ACUVUE, 1DAY ACUVUE MOIST for ASTIGMATISM, LACREON, INNOVATION FOR HEALTHY VISIONTM are trademarks of Johnson Johnson Middle East Inc. Johnson Johnson Middle East Inc. 2013.

let your pAtients see every moment, every dAy. Accelerated Stabilisation Design ASD harnessing blink power, reducing gravitys influence1,2 Thin zone below eyelid Accelerated slope Optic zone Points of stabilisation Accelerated slope Thin zone below eyelid ASD helps keep lenses stable regardless of eye or head movements1,3 1DAY ACUVUE MOIST for ASTIGMATISM 1. McIlraith R et al. Toric lens orientation and visual acuity in nonstandard conditions. Cont Lens Ant Eye 2010 332326. 2. JJVC data on fi

AmAzing things cAn hAppen in the blink of An eye... ACUVUE and INNOVATION FOR HEALTHY VISIONTM are trademarks of Johnson Johnson Middle East Inc. Johnson Johnson Middle East Inc. 2013.

Acknowledgment This article was first published in Optician. Sulley A, Young G. Soft torics first choice for your astigmatic patients. Optician 2011, 242 6327 2430 16. Bennett ES. Contact lens correction of presbyopia. Clin Exp Optom 2008913 26578. 17. Young G, Hunt C and Covey M. Clinical evaluation of factors influencing toric soft contact lens fit. Optom Vis Sci 2002 791119. 18. Young G. Reassessing toric soft lens fitting. CL Spectrum 2005201 4245. 19. Sulley A. A turning point in toric sof

Practitioners may also perceive toric lenses to be less comfortable than spherical lenses but this study suggests otherwise. Among the spherical lenswearing group, comfort and symptoms were comparable between the toric and habitual lenses. The study design replicated the most likely sequence of lens wear in normal practice and therefore gives some insight into the likely experience of spherical wearers when switching to torics. half of 2011 show that the UK market for torics grew at nearly twic

The first, initial fitting appointment took, on average, 22 minutes and spectacle wearers took only slightly longer 25 minutes. A majority of lenses orientated at the zero position Figure 3, orientation position was stable over time, and lenses showed acceptable centration and movement. The ASD design proved versatile, since lens fit was judged acceptable in all but two subjects after one week and no subjects required any subsequent changes. USE THIS IN YOUR PRACTICE TO Challenge your percepti

Of the thinzone designs, Edrington20 notes that Accelerated Stabilisation Design ASD lenses are more stable during large versional eye movements, less affected by gravity and show a more stable rate of reorientation than other designs. Other authors have investigated the performance of ASD compared with traditional designs.21 In prismballasted and dualthin zone designs, the lens interacts with the lid even when the lens is properly aligned. With ASD, when the lens is in the correct position ther

These findings suggest the need for practitioners to enhance communication with patients and adopt a more proactive approach to discussing toric lenses and their benefits. What contact lens options are there for astigmats Practitioners have a range of options for fitting astigmats with contact lenses. Toric soft lenses now come in a wide range of materials, modalities and replacement frequencies. With modern fitting banks, trialling astigmatic patients with soft torics is now as convenient as s

Prescribing trend data4 suggest a higher figure 35 per cent fitted with toric designs but this still falls short of potential fitting levels. Astigmats are also known to be overrepresented among contact lens dropouts, suggesting that poor vision as a result of uncorrected astigmatism is a contributory factor in contact lens discontinuation.58 80 70 60 Eyes Px Both Eyes Px One Eye N11,624 Prevalence 50 40 30 20 10 0 0.50DC 0.75DC 1.00DC 1.25DC 1.50DC Do astigmats know about toric soft lenses

Soft torics first choice for your astigmatic patients Anna Sulley and Dr Graeme Young explain how the latest research has dispelled the myths and misconceptions surrounding toric soft contact lenses. KEY POINTS Toric prescribing is increasing but more astigmats could potentially wear contact lenses Astigmats are often unaware that toric contact lenses are an option for them Soft torics offer a number of advantages for astigmats of all types The latest toric soft lenses provide advantages over

Call to reserve your FREE Trial 971 55 556 7782 F8 PREMIER Touch Screen 3D Paternless Lens Edger Headquarters Tel 971 4 267 0807 Fax 971 4 267 0806 Qatar Tel 974 4 466 0081 Fax 974 4 466 0082 Oman Tel 968 246 929 85 Fax 968 246 969 85

Studies Research What is CUSTOMER DRIVEN MARKETING IN THE OPTOMETRIC INDUSTRY Dr. Nezar Damati MBA, Doctor Of Optometry CIPT Certified International Professional Trainer USA. With so much competition in todays global economy, providing exceptional customer service is no longer an added benefit it is a necessity. Customers who are not satisfied with the way they are treated can easily take their business elsewhere. Whether your business is a multimillion dollar enterprise or a oneperson oper

ZEISS Perfect Vision The new SpringSummer 2013 collection combines design with function Quality, precision, innovation and confidence these are the characteristics that we all associate with ZEISS. And ZEISS lives up tothese high expectations in a unique way A subtle, yet distinct design language, superior wearer comfort and outstanding workmanship are the hallmarks that set these frames apart. They are the guarantee for perfect vision The new SpringSummer p g 2013 collection is aimed at a wi

io iss Vis Carl Ze A MEN n UAE Dubai . 07781 971488 Tel. 148807786 97 Fax

more area to spread out the ballast design to reduce the maximum thickness compared to PureVision Toric Figure 3. This helps create a more comfortable wearing experience, while maintaining the same large optic zone as PureVision Toric. The large optic zone 8.0mm for a 3.001.25x180 lens also helps to reduce potential glare in low light conditions. Figure 3. Thickness profiles of PureVision2 HD For Astigmatism a and PureVision Toric b, where the red color indicates the thickest portions of the len

Figure 3 a entirely responsible for rewetting the ocular surface through the blink mechanics. Understanding these dynamics helps design a lens which can work with the dynamic range of the eyelids. When the eyelids close during a complete blink, there is a slight downward displacement of the lens and the lids typically meet at a point 12mm from the base of the lens. For a lens to effectively leverage these blink dynamics and maintain stable orientation, the toric stabilizing ballast should be de

low light, resulting in blurred vision, halos and glare. Bausch Lomb lenses with High Definition TM Optics are designed to reduce the positive spherical aberration that is naturally occurring in the human eye to minimize halos and glare and bring all of the light rays to the same focal point to create clear, crisp vision all day especially in low light. Figure 2. A conventional spherical contact lens does not consistently control spherical aberration across the power range. Spherical lens desi

BL vision New High Definition Design for Astigmats Crisp, clear, consistent Design Attributes and Clinical Experience Addressing the needs of astigmatic patients was the a primary goal when Bausch Lomb designed PureVision2 For Astigmatism with High DefinitionTM Optics.Three lens design attributes have been incorporated to work together and achieve exceptional toric lens performance High DefinitionTM Optics, AutoAlign DesignTM, and ComfortMoistTM Technology. Throughout the history of contact

General Issues The individual and his insatiable appetite Mushtaq Ahmed Founder and Soft Skills Trainer at Grace Noble Optical InstituteChennai and can be contacted through email on The color of the eyes, and the innocence they behold the glow on the lipstick, and the truth spelt by lips the complexion of hands, and the help offered to the needy the golden anklets worn on feet, and the brave steps taken to climb the mountains the palpitations of the heart and the purity of

Spelling out more examples which showed why these designs are unique, Stephanie spoke about the Drivers Edition, which includes sunglasses from the different product lines that can also be provided with Rodenstock SunContrast or Polarized Lenses. Polarized Lenses filter out the oblique incident reflections of the sunlight and clearly minimise bothersome light reflections or shimmering sunlight. The sun protection lenses provide UV and glare protection in any situation. This is not only an optica

Events THE MERCEDES BENZ DRIVING EXPERIENCE A oneofitskind event to create brand awareness The Mercedes Benz Driving Experience was a unique event conducted in April this year at the Dubai autodrome, jointly by EGMA, the MercedesBenz driving events and Rodenstock. The simple aim behind this wonderful event was to thank people working with MercedesBenz Style Eyewear for their dedication for the brand and to increase the brand awareness as well as reputation of MercedesBenz Style in the Eyewear s

Events HAND IN HAND IN LEBANON HOYA VISIO VENTI On Sunday February 3rd, 2013, Visio Venti s.a.r.l. organized a full day seminar at the Mvenpick Hotel Resort in Beirut. Invited opticians and optometrists were informed of the resuming of Hoya ophthalmic lenses distribution in the Lebanese market under the banner of Visio Venti. High ranking Hoya managers and experts presented a wide range of topics, from technical innovations to marketing strategies. Two technical workshops introduced the a

the Middle East was conducted on residents of Egypt in early 20th century Meyerhof, 1914. This was a retrospective privatepractice based study, where data were obtained from patients records. The prevalence of myopia cutoff point was not defined in the patients are shown in table 2. Myopia appears to be more prevalent in Egyptians compared to residents of other origins. Meyerhof 1914 noted that myopia was associated with closerelatives marriage and amount of reading, though data was not presente

Figure 2 Distribution of refraction in Hong Kong Chinese adults 1939 years of age. Redrawn from Goh and Lam 1993. Figure 1 Distribution of refraction in a Caucasian population 1727 years. Redrawn from Sorsby et al. 1960. Middle East One of the earliest studies on the prevalence of myopia in the Middle East was conducted on residents of Egypt in early 20th century Meyerhof, 1914. This was a retrospective privatepractice based study, where data were obtained from patients records. The prevalence

Studies Research Worldwide prevalence of Myopia Dr. Yazan Gammoh, PhD. Email Myopia is considered the most common ocular abnormality Fan et al., 2004 with many studies available regarding the prevalence rates and epidemiology of myopia Hyman, 2007. It is difficult to ascertain a true figure for the prevalence of myopia in the worlds population, and different studies show a wide variation in the prevalence of the condition, which can be attributed to the differing methodolo

EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 49 May June 2013 68

Lenses Filters The lenses of the Etnia Barcelona glasses are the best lenses available polarised or HD vision. Mineral lenses manufactured by Barberini in Italy, with stateoftheart technology and using materials made of natural crystals. They are resistant to impacts, to static electricity and cannot be scratched. They are also perfectly resistant to very high temperatures, guarantee maximum UV protection, reduce reflections and provide higher vision comfort and quality than any other conventio

Flight NH206 The NH206 Nipon Airways is inspired from the 80s screen models and features a futuristic style. Flight AF280 The AF280 Air France is a model rooted in 60s, Yoko Ono style influences. Flight JL406 The JL406 Japan Airlines features the most hipster design of all with its rock star look. Color Concept X46 Designed by Etnia Barcelona in Milans Mazzucchelli acetate factory following a painstaking colour selection which has given rise to a rainbow range with a futuristic outlook. The c

WHAT IS Etnia Barcelona is an independent brand of glasses known for being the most creative and colourist in the international optical sector. The company is made up by a team of young creative and entrepreneurial workers who, thanks to the full stylistic freedom that they are given, provide the brand with its own identity, placing it on the borders of the fashion, art and design sectors. Etnia Barcelona, with a captivating personality, intends to be the groundbreaking brand in the internation

boss, Mr. Walter sermonizes Be humble about your achievements, no matter how great they were. Both Maui Jim and ZEAL Optics have numerous awards over the years for their extraordinary contribution to the eye wear market. Recently, ISPO awarded ZEAL Optics Ski Goggle of the Year and Design Excellence with a Sustainable Focus for 2013 in Munich, Germany. The ZEAL HD Camera Goggle and the ZEAL Brewer were awarded the highest honor at the show for their unique and sustainable designs. Similarly Mau

Events Maui Jim and ZEAL Optics A fusion of superior quality and down to earth modesty Maui Jim and ZEAL Optics, the two sister companies have always been on the forefront of creating the most dynamic designs, evolving superior products and setting the bar high in the eyewear market. The two companies recently invited Eye Zone and other media personnel from various regions for a visit to the company headquarters in United States to personally witness the devotion and dedication with which the t

such as the best distributor award they won in the first four years of their launch. Reddy added that they are the largest importer of the worlds most luxurious brand Chopard sunglasses and frames in the world. We dont sell products, we sell emotions Reddy said. He highlighted that their strategy involves customizing their products because they understand their customers very well. Commenting about the partnership, Michele Aracri, Managing Director of the De Rigo Vision said, Our strong relatio

Events Three Ancient Family Businesses Join Hands Dubai, UAE Derivision, the Middle Easts most luxurious brand announced a joint venture with Yateem Group at a press conference in Pavilion Downtown here on April 18, 2013. The new partners Yateem and Hassans are among the pioneers in the Gulf area in the field of eye wear. Dubai being the trademark of luxury brands and the gateway for business prosperity in the area, it was chosen as the headquarter of this partnership. Partnership with Yatee

Matteo What I have learnt is that every country is unique. People think that all the countries in Middle East are the same, but no everyone is different. Everyone has personal taste when it comes to colour orientation, frame orientation. Therefore I have to have a good knowledge of the market to understand its orientation. So, I travel to every country for it is important to be present to understand the customer well. We want to setup a specific service for every country. EZ We see that efforts

Interviews Coming with a vast experience from various fields including optical industry, Matteo De Stefani, General Manager of the Hassans group has been with the company since January this year and has been more than happy with the kind of work he is doing. EYE ZONE exclusively meets up with Matteo to gain insight into his plans for the company and his philosophies of work. EYE ZONE Matteo, please tell us something about your experiences and share with us your philosophy of work. How do you se

EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 49 May June 2013 80

81 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 49 May June 2013

Outside of the Box Sport eyewear can be a dispensary gold mine. There is something for everyone, regardless of age, activity or budget. Score big by displaying posters of famous athletes wearing their favorite brands, or appeal to your community and display photos of the local high school teams. Either way, sport eyewear is about getting to know the needs of your clientele. Think of it as a team sport. DS Top Ten Selling Tips Top Ten Trends 1 2 Expand your playing field. There is appropriate

Studies Research PUT YOUR GAME FRAMES ON What do most men, women and children have in common The answer is fittingly clearthey need sport eyewear. Whether theyre novice hikers or professional tennis players, everyone can benefit from the protection that sport glasses offer not only against injuries, but against the sun and the elements. Its time to get your head in the game. And that game is sport eyewear. Diana Stanczak 83 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 49 May June 2013

LaserFlex HighTech in Appearance and Function The innovative LaserFlex concept from Porsche Design is already being used successfully in the fashion collection, for writing tools and jewelry. Now it is being used for the first time in the eyewear collection. The LaserFlex sides of sunglasses P8561 and P8562 as well as correction models P8230 and P8231 combine all the benefits of the concept. The extraordinary structure is highly flexible so that spring hinges are not necessary. A milled metal i

News Porsche Design expands its eyewear collection P 8557 Innovative and Exclusive Porsche Design presents ten new mens models and six eyecatchers for ladies at the EYECON 2013. The new models carry on the design philosophy of the luxury brand with innovative technology, hightech materials, perfect craftsmanship and purist shapes. The focus is on the expansion of the ladies collection, which was presented for the first time in 2010. In addition, Porsche Design is also responding to the high d

years Eschenbach Optik One century of innovations in the area of good eyesight Nuremberg. 2013, it finally happens Eschenbach Optik is 100 years old. The specialist of every thing around good eyesight can look back at a long and eventful time and at the exciting journey from a Franconian company to becoming a worldwide partner for opticians. It is the right time for a retrospective, as well as a look into the future, and for the question, which plans and objectives have been set for the future.

n s Visio rl Zeis Ca MENA UAE Dubai . 07781 971488 Tel. 148807786 97 Fax

Events SHOWCASES THE LATEST INNOVATIONS FROM EYECARE INDUSTRY customers the entire range of Essilor and Granada products, said Ruatti. Walter Kaiser, director of International sales and marketing, Eschenbach was proud of their participation in the exhibition which has prompted its distribution in the Middle East, also because it recently celebrated 100 years of Eschenbachs presence in the market. We believe in the future potential of this area and we are covering up to 85 of it, he said. Speaki

TRIFOCAL reading addition prism thinning prism thinned . . coat ghost image IP depth 714 mm Band trifocal . . D ED trifocal 2 . 25mm segment flat top flat . Distance Ralse your eyes to this portion to focus on objects at a distance Intermediate Remain in the centre when focussing on intermediate objects D Add 1.50 Add

top 8mm . vertical dimension 8 . FT width 25mm flat top FLAT TOP 2 614mm 8mm TRIFOCAL FITTING Trifocal fitting intermediate portion inset height height inset position trifocal reading portion curved top flat top near portion intermediate inset inset . trifocal . reading near portion near portion trifocal


expansion. This is the focus for the next five years. Beyond five years, we will look into other opportunities in South East Asia and Latin American market. From a rational point of view, Central Eastern Europe is the natural next step. Any global retailer to expand needs to understand customer background and the culture only that makes a retailer successful. If we dont understand how to satisfy the customer, then we cannot be successful. Magrabis success mantra The story behind Magrabis succes

semirimless and full rimless frame styles and materials like titanium, betatitanium and genuine buffalo horn which are very light weight are used. Similarly, decorative treatments are given to frames with precious stones. Thats the USP of our brand you will not find such a unique collection elsewhere. We started this project with Sama and decided to launch the optical collection first. We wanted to challenge ourselves with the uniqueness of optical collection. Unfortunately in this industry, opt

Amin El Magrabi, CEO, Magrabi Optical. Chief Operating Officer, Magrabi Optical. Yaser Taher, President Designer, Sama Eyewear. Sheila Vance, Buying Merchandise Director, Magrabi Optical Mosad Dawod, Production Manager, Sama Eyewear. Ross Vance, has worked hand in hand with Sama Eyewear for over two decades and in taking their long standing relationship to the next level, they have joined forces to create a fashionable, technologically advanced mens and womens eyewear collection, whic

Events launches Tresor by Sama an exclusive collection of eyewear The makers of the brand offer their customers superior quality and exquisite designs in this new collection Leading eyewear specialist, Magrabi Optical has teamed up with Sama Eyewear to launch a luxurious new eyewear brand, Tresor by Sama, designed with the Middle East consumer in mind. Tresor by Sama features a stunning range of fashion eyewear for both men and women, combining opulent materials and innovative designs. The laun

Fashion Justin Bieber in Calvin Calvin Klein, Inc. announced today that musician Justin Bieber wore Calvin Klein Jeans Eyewear during his 2013 Believe Tour perfor mance on March 31st at the O2 World in Berlin, Germany. Mr. Bieber wore Calvin Kle in Jeans Eyewear black rounded frame s with solid smoke lenses. This mo del is priced at AED 790 and is ava ilable at selected brand boutiqu es and opticians across the region . Klein Jeans Eyewear Halle Berry in SAVATORE FERRAGAMO Eyewear Actress Ha

MercedesBenz Eyewear proclaims a big Facebook promotion Win with MercedesBenz Eyewear Everyone is invited to share their personal look in Facebook with the Show your own look and win with MercedesBenz Eyewear contest. The winner will win 2 tickets for the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Just upload a picture of yourself wearing MercedesBenz Eyewear at EGMA Facebook fan page on MercedesBenz Eyewear application www.facebook.comegmaos and join in. If you dont have your own MercedesBenz Eyewear,

Fashion LACOSTE INTRODUCES 2013 TWEEN OPTICAL AND SUN COLLECTION LACOSTE Eyewear introduces a Tweens Eyewear collection releasing June 2013. The collection is colorful, playful and designed for the younger LACOSTE generation. Fresh youthful styling in a variety of colors is completed by a rubber croc on the temples. Each style integrates LACOSTES signature preppychic look in a functional way perfect for the stylish adolescent. The sun collection includes three styles cat eye, wayfarerinspire

The feedback from Aktuel group Jordan about the Jordanian market emphasized on part of their activities in achieving their goals by satisfying their customers, providing assistance to them so as to understand their needs and demands as well as supporting them in sales and promotions to the end user such as holding the P.O.S SEE through open day as an activity. The brand provides warranties on their products in addition to many features which they believe will and can enhance their customer servi

Aktuel group puts customer satisfaction first Aktuel group is nowadays planning to achieve their 2nd objective to be a pioneer in the region as they are willing to do in the Middle East market providing the latest models as Qmarines , Aramis , Gazarelli and Amor sunglasses which mostly match the customer taste and satisfy their needs in sunglasses in both comfort and good looks. 109 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 49 May June 2013 Executive Manager 00962795671908 Marketing Manager 00962797072724 Facebook .comaktueloptic

Mens models The roundshaped mens models look to the past with their 40sinspired style which is emphasised by bold volumes and elegant details, such as the rivets that frame the front and the clearly visible metal core on the temples. The colour palette is vibrant and made up of red with toneontone mirrored lenses, dark Havana with green lenses, transparent brown with blue lenses, dark gray with brown lenses, transparent light blue with mirrored shaded green lenses and transparent ochre with gray

Fashion RETRO ELEGANCE FOR THE NEW MARC JACOBS COLLECTION OF SUNGLASSES 2013 The Marc Jacobs 2013 eyewear collection features four new sunglasses with a vintagechic spirit bold geometric shapes and thick volumes give these models a contemporary personality with a lovely retro twist. Womens models A large, flat silhouette and square shape with skilfully rounded edges is the predominant focus of these womens sunglasses. Their stunning colour contrasts and translucent nuances on the front and

Fashion The new Marc Jacobs 13 sunglasses for SpringSummer 20 A Glamorous and easytowear personality Following the fantastical Marc Jacobs Winter 12 Collection and the chic Crystal sunglasses seen with luxurious oversized hats on that icy blue runway, the unique and glamorous look of the eyewear collection returns in a new easytowear version with the latest models created for SpringSummer 2013. The new models maintain that sense of sparkle with an understated twist a single crystal that illumin

Vintage transparencies Mod. B.V. 225S With a rounded silhouette, these unisex acetate sunglasses are both alluring and engaging. Bottega Veneta faintly visible signature adorns the glass lenses, lending a truly unique and exquisite style. Subtle nuances of dark Havana, opal honey, khaki Havana, and transparent dark grey, delicately reveal the brand iconic Intrecciato motif on the inside of the temples. Mod. B.V. 230S Subtely seductive, the timeless design of these women acetate sunglasses are so

Fashion BOTTEGA VENETA EYEWEAR 2013 This season, Bottega Veneta adds several new sunglasses and optical frames to its sophisticated eyewear collection. New styles highlight the brand unique aesthetic and enduring motifs, featuring subtle signatures including the intrecciato pattern and the butterfly detail, and complemented by photoengraved studs and a closing block hinge. Made from the finest quality materials, these new styles feature the superb craftsmanship functionality, and versatility th

ADELE Crafted in duotone peach melba and mat brown, these frames combine a modern, confident face with a touch of soft femininity just beneath the surface. Generously defined and inspired by the British dynamo whose song Skyfall helped give the James Bond film so much soul, ADELE aims to be as charismatic as the singer herself. CLASH In what just might be the most elegant punk style ever, these sophisticated frames combine thin, squared lines with a generous, masculine shape. Less about anarchy

Fashion rgreen Mido News 13 Danish eyewear designer rgreen expands the boundaries of whats possible to bring you an exquisite new collection for this season. rgreen has always embraced the cutting edge over the safe and the cool versus the commonplace. For this collection, our womens frames mix gilded glamour with a steely edge of sophistication, joining perfect proportions with unexpected hues and subtle curves. Mens frames are strong, refined and sure of themselves, betraying the confidence t

Advertisers The July Agust 2013 edition is open. If you wish to make any amendments or contributions for this issue, please contact our advertising department at or fax 96522454596 by 15th June, 2013. Any material received after this deadline will automatically be inserted into the next issue of EYE ZONE. As a service to our readers, Eye Zone provides the contact details of some manufacturers, distributors and importers in Europe and the Middle East. While proper care has b

Customers a major success factor One of the innovative, disruptive aspects of the company is its willingness to work with all key lens manufacturers, not just its mother company Essilor. It has sometimes been compared to Intel for this reason and to Lycra by Dupont. Not unlike the car manufacturer business model, Transitions not only treats and resells lenses to lens manufacturers, but it also works with them on product compatibility, supply chain, communications and marketing in short, in all

Transitions Optical the leader of light management technology for more than 20 years T ransitions Optical is the world leader in adaptive eyewear and one of the most pioneering companies in todays optical industry. As one of the major players, the company based in Florida, USA, has facilities or offices in 38 different nations, is employing 1,800 persons and is reaching consumers in 75 countries. Transitions Optical is nonetheless one of the more discreet optical businesses. cent, twentiethce

let your pAtients see every moment, every dAy. Accelerated Stabilisation Design ASD harnessing blink power, reducing gravitys influence1,2 Thin zone below eyelid Accelerated slope Optic zone Points of stabilisation Accelerated slope Thin zone below eyelid ASD helps keep lenses stable regardless of eye or head movements1,3 1DAY ACUVUE MOIST for ASTIGMATISM Uses a unique stabilization technology to provide clear, stable vision that allows your astigmatic patients to see every moment every day.1

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